Space Saver High Chair

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The combination of a new baby and the need to rearrange your house requires some creative thinking. Living spaces are becoming smaller and babies require many accouterments. And in recent times, space saver high chair have become a necessity.Space Saver high chair

One being a high chair. What used to be a large, a wood carved piece of furniture designed more to match the kitchen ambiance and less to contain and encourage a fussy eater to stay put and finish their Cheerios is now a space-age looking device.

They normally fall into two major categories: space saver high chair designs or easy-to-fold, easy-to-store models. Needless to say, the most important feature is safety. It must secure your baby throughout and past numerous months of growth and increasing strength (and a super-human need to wiggle out of it).

Other notable features which are must-haves:

  • Machine washable seat pad (and stain resistant!)
  • Simple safety straps and instant snap buckle
  • Easily dis-mountable tray which is dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable seat and (if applicable) height settings.


Space Saving, Chair-Mounted Models:

These are portable, booster-seat styled high chairs.

The most popular and reasonably priced manufacturer is known as Fisher Price.

Their Space Saver High Chair runs for about $40-$50 and comes in a variety of designs. It is adjustable and has three recline settings. This also allows it to be portable, should it need to travel with baby. The dis-mountable tray has many little divots for food to be captured in, so baby can get to it easily.

The Ingenuity™ SmartClean™ ChairMate™ Chair Top High Chair is a very modern looking model which straps securely to a chair and has multiple heights and locking positions to allow for growth. This runs for a little over $100. The big push is the easy clean’ feature of all surfaces.


Easy to Store (floor standing models):

These units are pull up to the table’ models when the tray is not attached.

Graco, another well-known manufacturer of all things baby, offers the Contempo Highchair’. It is in the $100 range. They claim it is the slimmest folding highchair they offer and weighs about 19 pounds. This model meets all the criteria, and offers adjustable height settings and comes in a variety of muted tones and patterns.


A more modern design which is targeting urban condo-dwellers is the

bloom® nano Urban High Chair’ which collapses to a slim broom closet fitting depth and weighs only 12 pounds. It comes with a leatherette seat pad (wipe able) and is recommended for around 6 months and older babies. It costs about $200 and comes in red or white.

There are lots more Space Saver baby feeding chair which shall be updated on this blog as we get feedback on its usage and features from our reviewers. Watch this Page!!!