Baby Feeding Chair

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I am going to save you hours of research, showing you the best baby feeding chair you could get and their benefits.

Baby feeding chair is probably one of the most used infants and toddler products.The chair is used virtually every day for many years, and parents need to take care when choosing one if they are to get the best value for money.


Types of Baby Feeding Chairs:

There are three types of baby feeding chair in the market today. Wooden baby high chairs are often considered the most pleasant to look at, but they do have their drawbacks. First, of course, is that they can pick up stains quite easily and can often be difficult to clean. They are also heavier and can be harder to store.

Metal baby feeding chair often have more features than the wooden variety are easier to clean and can usually be folded and stored away quite easily. But they are still heavier than the plastic models, which may also offer reclining seats, adjustable heights, and other useful features.

Baby feeding chair also come in four main types. Some of this high chairs have a table and chair combined. When shopping online note that these models are sometimes also called convertible high chairs. Convertible high baby seats have the upside of having the capacity to be adjusted as your kids develops. Adjustments includes tray removals and changing the chair height so they can even be utilized at the table like every other normal chair.

Lightweight folding baby feeding chair are much simpler in design and can easily be folded up for storage. Also in the market are multi-function baby feeding chairs that boast numerous features including padded seats, recline options, and adjustable footrests.


Choosing a Baby Feeding Chair:

There are several features to examine when selecting a baby feeding chair. No matter which type of chair you are after – necessary or the all-singing all dancing- models, some points can’t be overlooked. The first must-have feature is stability. You want a sturdy baby feeding chair that cannot be easily moved or tipped over.

Second is security:

Search for baby feeding chair models with stop belts that keep your baby from standing up or slipping out underneath the table. Search for models with a five-point tackle – two midsection straps, two shoulder straps and a groin strap which give the most security for your youngster.

Using baby feeding high chairs:

When using a baby feeding chair, always follows these safety rules. Always belt baby in with the safety belt restraints,; never leave your baby unattended in a high chair; always lock the wheels in place if the baby feeding chair has them; check that all adjustable latches including the tray are securely locked in place and ensure you understand the minimum and maximum weight limits of the baby feeding chair.You can give an enjoyable time making the little one sit on a modern high chair for babies.


Utilitarian – For proper development (physical and mental) this fundamental furniture is precious in kid’s everyday life. Putting the infant strapped securely into a high seat a mother can do all family unit errands unreservedly. Encouraging the new child setting on an infant seat is very agreeable for child and mother both. Babies learn to support themselves in a legitimate way and to invest energy for quite a long time without being gone too. It helps in infant’s mental development.

Agreeable – Many models of top seats for children are outlined with delicately padded seat, and unique customizable sitting positions guarantee outrageous solace for the infant. The Infants who can’t sit straight, they can have a pleasant mealtime in leaning back positions.

Simple flexible – Most superb seats have different customize-able elements with the goal that children can utilize it from baby to little child age. The tallness, ottoman, sustenance plate and seat, all can be balanced as the youngster develops. This should be possible recently squeezing the stamped catches. It is pleasant to get a child seat that can be collapsed when not being used.

Security :

Today the makers of baby feeding chair put in more endeavors to enhance the safety measures in high seats for children. Child sustaining seat with safety belt of three or five point saddle keep the infant from descending. You can strap your newborn child with agreeable safety belts joined to the seat. The nourishment plate and leg wheels can be secured to settle its position securely, and even you can open effectively when you require.




1.   Cosco Simple Fold High feeding chair

Cosco Simple high fold chair is specially designed for the comfort and safety of children. This foldable chair is designed to be simple and effective in what it’s meant to be. The advantage of this chair is that it’s easy to clean after a messy meal. The light weight of the chair is one of its advantage over similar products from other brands. Pros include 3 point harness to strap the baby. It also has a tray and cup holder that makes it very easy to feed the baby in. The easy assembly of the chair makes it usable by anyone without having to look for the manual. Cons however small, include an undetachable fabric and a leaned back seating position that makes the cup kept in the cup holders a bit far for a kid to grab. A large number of advantages and pros make it a very well-rounded and quality product that helps children have a peaceful and relaxed meal.


2.  Disney Simple Fold Plus

Its a folding chair for carrying toddlers. It has a classy look, attractive and fun design. This is an Easy to stow and go chair, specially designed to easily take along for the walk and ride


Some common unique Features of it’s, which make it different than other high chairs are

  • 6 different position height adjustments.
  • 3-position tray with easy removal.
  • Compact and quick fold easy storage.
  • Dishwasher safe insert tray.
  • Wipe able seat pad.
  • Can accommodate child up to 50 pounds weight.
  • After folding, stands on its own.

Disney Simple Fold plus baby feeding chair is advantageous over other toddler carrying chairs because of its wipe able seat pad and dishwasher safe insert tray, which are very easy clean up. Except this it’s 3-position adjustable tray expands with your child as giving him extra room. This high chair folds down rapidly and easy for storage or to carry into the car. When matter comes of dining the Disney Simple Fold Plus gives your child a cool fun place to eat, whether eating at home or out .

The only demerit of this folding chair could be its cost. It comes in a moderate cost, which could be concern for some people. Except that this toddler carrying chair is hassle free to you and great fun for your child.


3.  Evenflo Convertible Baby Feeding High Chair:

This baby feeding chair is designed to last and fit the need of mummy who doesn’t want to keep changing chairs of their toddlers as they grow in size. It is a three in one baby chair that’s right three in one!

It comes as a baby feeding chair which can be converted into a chair and a bigger table for feeding which can be used by your child into the 3 – 4 year old’s Evenflo convertible high chair is an amazing chair as you can turn it into a mini table you can also the bottom area for storage of item of items needed during meals, its an ideal product for mummy.

Its made of plastic, light weight and as already discovered its multipurpose. Its very cheap going for around $20 but there is no match its one of a kind. It comes in different colors pink, blue, green and redThe only disadvantage in this chair is that the chair tray isn’t adjustable and needs to be washed regularly.


4.  Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High:

Graco blossom 4 in 1 convertible high chair is a baby feeding chair that is designed to quickly adjust to the child seating habits. It is designed in such a unique way as it can accommodate more than one child at once. This will help you save some money as the family grows since it can hold an infant and a toddler.

It can easily transform from a functioning high chair to an infant feeding booster, toddle booster and finally youth chair. Its 6 height can be adjusted to provide great fit for the baby at the table. The 3-position removable footrest and 3 recline positions ensure that the child is at ease while feeding.

It has a premium leatherette seats pad that are easy to wash and wipe. One can move the high chair around the house, thanks to its well working front wheel and locking rear caster.

his chair has its own cons as it is considered to be very heavy and difficult to store. Its 5 buckling system is not user friendly as some reviewers have indicated. Graco blossom 4 in 1 convertible high chair is not the best for twins since it does not accommodate children of the same age.


5.  Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1:

Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High is one of my best baby feeding chair. Its designed with the natural sense of parenthood and child care, making it one of the most preferable child care piece in the market today. It is a perfect choice for both the toddlers and even very young babies.

Features, Advantages and Uniqueness

  • SmartClean is on wheels, a feature which makes every parent run for it since one can’t probably get fun in lifting the kid every minute from one location to another. The best you are required to do is to gently push the chair with the child. You can lock the wheels to avoid you kid rolling when you are not aware.
  • The chair is a way ahead of many others when it comes to assembling and dissembling it. The ease of doing so is a commendable feature for cleaning it will not be as big an issue as in other baby chairs.
  • Another commendable and unique feature about this which keeps moms talking of positively is the foam padding. The padding makes the chair easy to clean and wipe a really messy thing happens. This feature puts it on top of the plastic and cloth ones as far as preferability is concerned.Weaknesses

The only disappointment with Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 High is that its height is not adjustable. You can’t increase neither can you reduce the height. It is also not an easy thing for the tray to go on or off. However, these are not what the users look for as the first priority but it matters much for.



6.  Phil & Amp; Teds Lobster Highchair:

This is a lightweight, portable baby feeding chair for parents that enjoys travelling with their kids. The chair can be virtually clamped to any table and folded for an easy carrying for those traveling.


The chairs also come with 5-point padded harness secures designed to prevent fidgety babies or toddlers from moving around, thus preventing them from falling. In addition, they sport sturdy bolts that you can easily use to fasten the chair to any lipless table for extra stability.


Its frame is made from stainless steel, which makes it NOT only durable, but very stylish as well.



Very easy to clean

The baby feeding chair is designed with fabric slides that are both quick and easy to clean.



The chairs appeal to the eyes. From the brushed stainless steel frame, to the easy to clean fabric slides, the chair flaunts a modish design that makes it one of the most stylish baby feeding chair on the market at the moment.

Easy to mount

Mounting the chair to any table or bench while traveling or at home is a no-brainer. If anything it should only take you seconds to have the chair clipped and ready for your baby to sit on.


The chair is lightweight and easy to fold, which sort of makes it a cinch to carry around. If you’re NOT comfortable with your baby sitting on the grubby restaurant chairs, then it won’t take much on your part to bring the chair with you for your baby.


Too deep for smaller babies

Smaller babies, those less than six months old, may find the chair a little too deep. Which isn’t exactly a problem as most of these baby feeding chair are designed for kids between one to three years.


The Phil & Amp Teds lobster serves as a portable alternative to baby feeding high chairs. This makes it a useful addition to your kid’s kit bag if you’re always on the go or would love to go to eat-outs with your baby.



7.  Summer Infant Classic High Chair:

If your Need is a comfortable and perfect baby feeding high chair, then Worry no more, Summer Infant Classic is the solution. The Summer Infant Classic is a reclining wooden high chair with a beautiful, high-quality espresso finish that easily matches any form of home decor. Summer Infant Classic is uniquely constructed to ease the baby feeding process and offer a magnificent parenting experience.

Summer Infant Classic main features include a three level reclining position for maximum comfort, and an adjustable one hand operated four positions tray. Furthermore, Summer Infant Classic is made from the high-quality wood material. The seat is also vinyl-coated thus enhancing the cleaning process.

Easy cleaning and adjustable recline positions are the main pros of the Summer Infant Classic. Besides, child footrest, multiple safety harness points, and quick release lever provide comfort and secure the child during mealtime. On the other hand, need for assembly and exclusive back reclining feature act as the major cons.

The Summer Infant Classic high chair is a suffice and dependable meal time companion for your child from birth to three years of age.